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4 min readNov 19, 2021

Mint Gold Dust is an ecosystem for artists, collectors, and collaborators from a variety of different industries that aims to transform the way people interact with the digital world. Our ecosystem was built to support artists and collectors on a micro and macro level to create our very own self-sustaining economy for Web3.

The Partners

We are accomplishing this goal by investing in strategic partners to offer unique opportunities to our community. Some of our partners include SmartSeal who is providing NFC solutions for physical assets, Illust Space who is transforming the way we view NFTs with AR technology, and Gilded Finance, a software and reporting company that provides infrastructure for marketplaces to support their artists and collectors with financial data. “There’s always art for art’s sake, but once you start buying and selling NFTs — those are business transactions with tax and financial implications. It’s a real challenge for artists and collectors to make sense of what’s essentially a minefield of blockchain data,” said Raina Casbon-Kelts, CxO at Gilded. “Gilded’s NFTOPS makes it easy for NFT platforms to provide financial transparency and tax-ready reports to their users. It’s imperative for artists and collectors to have that financial insight so they can focus on their art and not worry about a surprise tax bill at the end of the year.”

We also recently spoke with Rob McCarty, CEO of Illust Space, about what they are doing and what plans they have for the next year, “Illust Space is localizing the metaverse for Web3. Our wallet to world utility The Space features a set of publishing and discovery tools which give artists and collectors alike the ability to anchor and display their NFTs using augmented reality and GPS coordinates. Going into 2022, the team will enable publishers the ability to launch their own scavenger hunts, art walks, and experiences, fostering connections between artists and their patrons, projects and their communities, and the public with their neighborhoods.”

In September, Mint Gold Dust partnered with Illust Space and SmartSeal to help launch a fashion collection at NYFW with Assembly.Fashion. Inspired by the collection, Illust Space captured the likeness of former Miss Universe Paulina Vega wearing styles designed by Maria Intscher Owrang, Misa Hylton, and graffiti artist Curvazoid and created a 3 story tall version of her in augmented reality. That model was then geo-dropped in front of NYFW hub Spring Studios, creating our very own runway.

The styles from this drop were made with SmartSeal NFCs, allowing the physical pieces to have their authenticity and proof of ownership recorded on the Blockchain. Co-founder and CEO of SmartSeal Mark Shekleton explains, “SmartSeal connects physical assets to NFTs through cryptographically-linked Near Field Communication (NFC) chips which are embedded in the artist’s work. This process creates a one-to-one coupling between the artist’s work and an NFT. The NFT is used as a certificate of authenticity and proof of ownership and can be verified with just the tap of a smartphone. Selling artwork through these ‘digital deeds’ helps artists retain royalties and provides provenance to collectors.”

The historic event served as a small taste of how NFTs can revolutionize the fashion industry and an example of how Mint Gold Dust’s ecosystem can come together to work for you.

The Marketplace

Mint Gold Dust’s NFT Marketplace was designed to connect our artists with new patrons and collectors while focusing on value over volume transactions. Rather than focusing on the flipping economy in the secondary market, we are honed in on the primary market experience. When an artist mints on Mint Gold Dust, they are invited to create an Artist Passport, a series of information and memoir entries that help educate the collector about the piece, the artist’s process and inspiration, and more. Not only does this Artist Passport travel with the piece from owner to owner, the collector is also able to contribute to the passport to record their thoughts and feelings surrounding the piece. This helps establish a personal connection between the artist and the collector.

Another way we support artists on the platform is by offering media and marketing opportunities. This can take the form of a podcast, Twitter Spaces, artist profiles on social media, and coming soon, our web zine. Mint Gold Dust aims to support the artist from the moment they sign up for the platform.

Our marketplace is also unique because artists can choose which royalty structure they would like to employ, 10,15, or 20%. We also use ERC1155 contracts which allow artists to batch edition work quicker or and more efficiently than other Smart Contracts.

The Auctions

Mint Gold Dust also hosts in person live NFT auctions, taking the traditionally online experience to the next level. These auctions include primarily rare NFTs, including hard to find RAREPEPEs. During NFT NYC, Mint Gold Dust sold a Series 1 RAREPEPE, RAREPEPE NAKAMOTO, issued in 2016, for $500,000 to MetaKovan, the famed collector of Beeple’s EVERYDAYS. In 2022, Mint Gold Dust plans to expand this program.

When you collect or create with Mint Gold Dust, we are providing more than a platform, we’re inviting you into our community and acting as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. Join us as we Mint Gold Dust.



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