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2 min readDec 30, 2021


Nucara, “Monky Mint Gold Dust,” 2021

The memoir feature on Mint Gold Dust was created to solve the gap between the artist and collector and track the artwork’s personal history.


When an artist mints a new work on the platform, they are able to write a memoir entry that is attached to the work. This can be more info on what their inspiration was behind the piece, a story about the creation process, or even just their general feelings about the piece. It’s a place that allows artists to share their personal connection to the piece outside of the typical art description attached to the token.


Once a collector buys a piece and holds the token, the memoir travels with it. The collector now has their own opportunity to add on to the story that was started by the artist and share their connection to the piece, why they collected it, or even why they support the artist. A collector and viewer’s connection to the piece might vary from the artist’s own point of view, so this allows the collector to share their side of the story.

In many ways, this feature takes the connectivity of Discord and Twitter into the platform itself.


As the piece travels hands, the memoir travels with it. The memoir becomes a written record of the ledger, not only sharing who owns the piece, but what attachment they had to it.

Mint Gold Dust curator Eleonora Brizi comments, “Decentralization and P2P certainly opened new amazing frontiers and possibilities in the fields of the art world and the art market. But when these transactions happen so fast, the relationships between artists and collectors can be put second, leaving behind the beauty of stories. Why was an artwork created? What were the artists’ feelings? And why does a collector decide that a certain piece of art should be under their protection over a different one? Where does all that love go?

At Mint Gold Dust, all that love gets forever imprinted in our Memoirs. It’s a place for sharing, for thinking, and for presenting to the world that identity that each piece of art comes with and deserves to be told”.


In 2022, we will be connecting our memoir feature on chain, so the memoir will be attached to the token itself. This integration will further standardize the feature, paving the way for more stories to be told by both the artist and collector.



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