Introducing v2: Here’s to the Golden Age

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3 min readOct 13, 2023

Every culture has one. From the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, to the 13th century Islamic world, to the Italian Renaissance, there are periods in history where art and science flourish. Creativity is in abundance, ideas are flowing, and people feel inspired to break new ground.

Today, artists, collectors, curators, and dreamers are still here building the future of art. But in 2023, we find ourselves in a moment of transition. The 2021 revolution in the rear view, we are back at the drawing board, imagining what comes next. An era focused on creativity and collaboration, untouched by the cold, calculating hands of market forces. An age where artists feel empowered to create more, rather than limit their output to satisfy a scarcity mindset.

In our quest for such a place, we find ourselves standing at the precipice of a new beginning. At Mint Gold Dust, we have worked tirelessly to reshape our platform into a place where creativity, technology, and storytelling lead the way forward. A place where artists are liberated to create and collectors are thrilled to discover.

And so, by continuing to follow our own path, we arrive at Mint Gold Dust v2. The next step on our journey to be the place where artists can explore their creative potential without leaving any stones unturned.

ERC 1155 and ERC 721

First, by popular demand, we decided to give artists the power to mint with ERC1155s, and now, with ERC721s. With the ability to mint both 1/1s and editions, you can explore new ways of creating community and traveling the world with your creativity.

Collector Mint

Next, with our new Collector Mint feature, artists can list as many works as they like without worrying about upfront minting costs. And collectors become an integral part of bringing these pieces to life. Collectors on Mint Gold Dust are no longer just passive observers; they become patrons of the golden age. Collectors get to decide which artworks should be immortalized onchain, and they get to decide when to mark those artworks in history.

Split Payments Tool

To inspire more creative collaboration, we’ve also introduced a more refined Split Payments tool. After all, art is a symphony, and every player in the orchestra deserves their fair share. This feature ensures that everyone involved in an artwork’s creation gets their piece of the pie. Now it’s easy to add up to 4 other contributors and set the terms to suit your collaboration.

Memoirs Onchain

In v1, memoirs were the tales of artists echoing in the halls of our platform. And in v2, we’re putting them onchain. These memoirs become immutable marks that are forever intertwined with the artwork, deepening the connection between the artist and the viewer.

But it won’t be artists having all the fun. Collectors and curators can also mint memoirs onchain, sharing their thoughts and passions in a freestanding text that will last the test of time. Now, we have the ability to see the entire artwork journey through creation, curation, and collection, all from the comfort of one powerful platform. At Mint Gold Dust, every action is enduringly preserved on Ethereum for the future.

Mint Gold Dust v2 is a bridge between you and the world of art, between imagination and reality, between what is and what could be.

Marvel at the artistry. Immerse yourself in the stories. Make your mark. Because, after all, isn’t that why we’re here?

Here’s to the golden age. Your masterpiece awaits.



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