Crypto Culture: Building Empowered Web3 Communities

Mint Gold Dust
3 min readApr 7, 2022

There’s a message floating around the crypto space and as those invested watch the next evolutionary step of the internet unfold, it is being widely embraced; “You’re never too late to be early.” A new generation of investors are on the lookout for upcoming launches that could be life-changing in a sea of noisy start-ups vying for attention. A project can tote its talented development team, or tweet about secured grants and investment capital, but if the Web3 boom has taught these would-be investors anything, it’s that community can make or break a campaign.

It’s clear that the most successful DeFi protocols, DAO’s, and blockchains have the support of strong communities behind them. Their multi-platform reach engages and encourages members to be active and bridges the gap between the teams working behind the scenes and those utilizing the end product. This opportunity for an audience to act as a voice in the shared idea of a project creates self-sustaining networking, and in turn community growth flourishes within the space as like-minded individuals connect.

Groups Gathered at ETH Denver 2022

So, what does that mean for Mint Gold Dust?

At its core, Mint Gold Dust was created to be a decentralized peer-to-peer platform for artists and collectors to transact seamlessly on chain. When we launched in November 2021, we began to grow our community by sponsoring and attending events such as NFT.NYC, ETH Denver, and more. Fast forward to 6 months in operation, we’re ready to kick that up a notch.

Simply put, we want to invest in our growing community while providing information and transparency through active participation. Our artists and collectors remain the most valuable asset our project holds, and we’d like to include you in our development. As we continue to reflect and build on community feedback on how best to provide a unique working space for the intersection of art and technology, we are ready to make some big changes.

Soul Elevation by paste 24 | Available on Mint Gold Dust

The new Mint Gold Dust Discord has opened its doors and would like to extend an invitation to all artists and collectors in the space. Official announcements regarding significant changes will be pushed through these channels, and our community will be able to engage and provide feedback in real time. We need to know what’s working and where we have opportunities to grow. We’ll also be using this outlet to better connect individual artists with their collectors through providing an open house gathering space allowing for AMA’s and casual conversation.

Need to reach us faster or can’t wait to show us an artist you’ve found? We’re strengthening our presence on Twitter. Feel free to stop by and shout out to our Community Manager (our Resident Giraffe) or drop a link in the comments. We would love to see the art that captures your attention and uplift new and existing artists in the space. Show us what you’re working on for the day, or just pop in to say ‘gm’ — we’re around to say it back.

There’s more to come from Mint Gold Dust as we advance our ecosystem. We’re committed to continuing to highlight the voices of our artists and collectors, and that starts with giving each of you an inclusive space to share your thoughts and ideas while we move forward as a collective. Our strength is in our community, and we’re excited to have you mint your own gold dust with us. You’re definitely early.



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