Back to Basics: Set Up and Connect Metamask with Mint Gold Dust in 10 Easy Steps

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3 min readJan 4, 2022


We believe that collecting NFTs should be easy and not intimidating. If you agree, this new series is for you. Whether you’re a first time NFT collector or just new to our platform, our Back to Basics series will guide you through wallet set up options so that you can collect NFTs on Mint Gold Dust.

The first in this series is Setting up your Metamask.

  1. Visit and click “Connect Wallet” at the top right hand corner as shown below.

2. You will be prompted to Connect your wallet. From here, choose Metamask. If you don’t have a Metamask wallet set up in your browser yet, the “Select a wallet provider” button will appear gray. If you already have Metamask, it will automatically pop up on your screen to connect.

3. To begin setting up a new Metamask wallet, you will need to download the browser plugin on their website,

4. Choose which browser you would like to install Metamask for, and click add an extension to begin the download process.

5. After downloading the extension, you can start setting up your Metamask account. Click “Yes, let’s get set up!” on the right.

6. From there, it will prompt you to create a password for your new account and give you a secret recovery phrase. This phrase is critical to recovering your account if you lose access. Do not misplace this phrase or share it with anyone as others may try to gain access to your account by phishing for this seed phrase.

7. Metamask will then prompt you to recite the phrase back to ensure that you have the correct one saved. The seed words must be saved in the order given.

8. You now have a new wallet! We recommend double-checking that the Metamask extension was downloaded properly and pinned to your navigation bar for easy access.

9. Now that your wallet is set up, navigate back to Choose the Metamask option on the left-hand side and click “Connect with Metamask.” From there, your Metamask extension will pop up and ask you to confirm that you want to connect your wallet to our site.

10. Once you click “connect” you will be prompted to create a username with us. And just like that, you have connected your wallet!


You can edit your collector profile details at any time by hovering over the “You” icon on the top right hand corner of the page. Here you can add a profile photo, contact details, social handles, and more.

Happy Collecting!



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