In the Chinese language, the pronunciation of the number 8, “ba,” is very similar to that of the word prosper, “fa,” making the number 8 the most auspicious of all the numbers.

For the Genesis 8 series, we asked our 8 artists to express what Gold Dust is for them…

Mint Gold Dust is proud to be a Gold sponsor of NFT.NYC.

Today, Wednesday, November 3rd, we will be co-hosting the official NFT.NYC Happy Hour at the Edison Ballroom Rooftop with MetaJAX. The event is open to all NFT.NYC ticket holders on a first come, first served basis and features…

To All Digital Artists:

For the launch of the Mint Gold Dust platform in July, Mint Gold Dust is holding a submission open call for our initial curated art series: the MGD Genesis series.

Prospective Artists have the opportunity to create and mint an art piece that portrays what ‘Gold…

Mint Gold Dust

Mint Gold Dust redefines the way people interact with digital art through NFT auctions, highly curated and selected artists, and in-depth content.

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